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A Practice Informed By The Perspective Of A Former Cop

Attorney Matthew J. Barton is a former police officer who knows the protocol required to make a valid DWI stop. Having been in the shoes of an arresting officer, he knows the concerns and priorities that police officers have when they make DWI arrests, and uses that firsthand knowledge to defend you against charges that may not fully hold up in court. He can also recognize when police officers overstep their authority. Having been radar-certified, as well as certified on alcohol breath test equipment, attorney Barton is well-versed in the errors that can creep in during a DWI arrest and skew results. Don't assume that your fate is sealed if you are charged with a DWI. Call our office and get a professional opinion first.

We Give You The Straight Story

At Barton and Doomy, we may be a small and friendly firm, but we still provide strong, no-nonsense representation for your legal issue, whether you're going through a divorce, facing your first DWI, or have been charged with drug possession or even a traffic violation. We let you know, realistically, where you stand with your case, while providing a path forward for the best possible resolution. As your empathetic legal advocates, we don't back down from a challenge, and work tirelessly to get you back to a place of hope.

Empathy And Experience On Your Side

Whatever legal issue you are facing, chances are you're going through an emotional time. We understand that you may have a lot at stake, and we sympathize with the stress you are under. At the same time, we use our experience, education and knowledge to fight the most effective battle on your behalf according to the letter of the law. We want what is best for our clients, and use all the tools available to make sure we arrive at the best possible outcome. Speak with one of our Salisbury, North Carolina lawyers at 704-870-7530, or get in touch using our online form.


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